"I’ve been using SmartChem database for several years and I’m pleased to state that it’s a very important tool for the search of suppliers all over the world.The distinction among manufacturers, traders and catalogue producers is really useful for my job.
Also the introduction of REACH status has been really appreciated."
Chiara Varini
Senior Procurement Responsible Direct Procurement
Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals Italy S.p.A.

"From the first day we owned it, SmartChem database became important tool in my daily practice – we found it very helpful for our portfolio management, products selection, alternative synthetic routes exploring , suppliers evaluation etc. Simplicity and faithfulness of the web based version makes the usage simple and very accessible. I wish ROW2 team to continue database development and expansion."
Alex Weisman PhD, CSO
Perrigo API Ltd,  A subsidiary of Perrigo LLC.

"This SmartChem we have used like our master source for data searches and has benefitted in different scenarios to us like we got end use information of our products so we developed new customers thus this enhances our sales revenue and in few cases we have got the information thru chemistry for selecting best route of our manufacturing processes."
Amit Mishra , Assistant Manager-Product Mgt
Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd.