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Designing innovative synthetic Routes towards target compound(s) for Life Science and Chemical industries

As a Life Science or a Chemical company, your challenge is to develop a specific compound. Your requirement is to research and develop a synthetic process which has not been previously disclosed or published, and is scalable, meaning with minimum manufacturing complexities including the availability of required raw materials with the validated suppliers. In addition, you want to have the IP for the processes for your compound. Why not outsource this activity to ROW2 to free up yourself for other equally important project / business activities related to the compound?

Route Designed for High 5 advantage

  • exploring licensed compounds
  • exploring larger and wider set of scalable options
  • selecting a commercial process early in the development cycle
  • meeting tight project deadlines
  • saving vital financial and human resources

ROW2’s scientists have achieved success in doing exactly just that. With the help of ChemSpire, ROW2’s proprietary knowledgebase of commercially practiced routes and a revolutionary search engine assist our chemists to explore feasible route options quickly. What’s more, every recommended route is backed by information of fully validated commercial suppliers for the starting materials by ROW2’s sourcing specialists. By mastering the route design process, RouteDesign helps minimize development risks, reduce cost of development, and increase return-on-investment for the process R&D function.

Route Designed and mastered for minimal risk, reduced cost and increased returns on investment

RouteDesigned to add value for:

  • Top life science companies
  • Midsize and small life science companies
  • Biotech companies
  • Chemical companies
  • Custom manufacturing companies
  • Virtual companies