Our team

Shrikant Pradhan

Chief Executive Officer

My goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

We strive to offer the following at ROW2:

  •  The highest product quality and customer service
  •  A positive working environment for our employees
  •  Retain and attract the highest quality talent
  •  A good return on investment for our investors.

My prior work experience includes, over 10 years with Quest Industries, LLC. My primary focus was on Business Development and Customer Service here.

Plus, I spent over 22 years in R&D and Product Management with Becton Dickinson, a New Jersey-based Health Care Company.

I am happy to introduce my support team. They are hugely committed towards our company goals.

Anand Ramakrishnan

Vice President Sales & Operations

Heads the company's global sales function, Anand is a commerce graduate from Mumbai University. He is associated with SmartChem since its inception in 2000.

Anand's product knowledge and highly commended customer service right down to individual attention makes him the go-to man for ROW2's customers.

Swati Sawant

Vice President - Product Management and Business Strategy

For the last 19 years, ROW2 has been extremely fortunate to have Swati’s leadership skills and complete mastery over Chemistry knowledge.

Swati’s dedicated interest in understanding customer’s requirements and combining them with her mastery over the subject matter and importantly, applying it appropriately to the product, has made her a resident champion of SmartChem.

Swati holds a Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Mumbai and a diploma in Patent law and Practice. Currently, ROW2’s Chemistry team, Global sourcing team and IT team are enjoying non-stop attention and guidance from Swati.

Harshada Shivalkar

Manager Business Development

Holds a Master's Degree in Organic Chemistry from Mumbai University, along with a post graduate diploma in Patent Law and Practice.

She heads and raises the bar for ROW2's chemistry team that oversees updates and development for Smartchem.

Since 2001, Harshada has grown from planning and executing new enhancements in SmartChem to Business Development activities.

Kena Pereira

Manager Global Sourcing

Kena's expertise in working with databases coupled with sound analytical skills has made her a valuable asset of ROW2 since 2000. In charge of ROW2's customer support team managing suppliers and manufacturers information in SmartChem she is instrumental in validating supplier information and keeping it up to date.

Access Business-Critical Information In Minutes, Not Hours

10 Good Reasons to Switch to SmartChem today

Get Commercial Intelligence

150,000 chemicals consumed by SMs Intermediates, End Products such as APIs, Agrochemicals, Flavours and more. Over 200,000 forward and backward relationships.

Access Contact Details

15,000 credible global suppliers with their Drug Master File [DMF], Veterinary Medicine Master Files [VMF] and Certificate of Suitability to the European Pharmacopeia [CEP] status, contact information, product lists and a wealth of other details.

Look Up Good Manufacturing Practices

WHO, EUDRA, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Warning letters (US-FDA); GMP, non compliance information from EUDRA & Canada.

Explore Regulatory Information

Access 145,000+ REACH Pre-registered, High-Concern, Prioritized and Authorized substances in Europe, US-DMF/VMF, Japan-DMF, CEP, Taiwan, South Korea, written confirmation, WHO databases.

Search for Raw Materials & Literature

Routes of Synthesis of APIs and advanced intermediates. Plus, reaction schemes.

Find Out Application Areas

Commercial end uses of intermediates from various industries.

Get Patent Expiry

US, Canada and Europe (SPC) Patent Expiry dates of top selling APIs.

Understand Dosage Information

Get US FDA details of APIs for Human and Veterinary Formulations.

Gather Emails Easily

Get a handy email tool that allows you to quickly select multiple target companies of your interest using filters and send emails to all of them.

Get After Sales Help

Can’t find what you need? Use the secure Update Requests form. Saves you significant time and effort.

  • I've been using SmartChem database for several years.

    I'm pleased to state that it's a very important tool for the search of suppliers all over the world.The distinction among manufacturers, traders and catalogue producers is really useful for my job. Also the introduction of REACH status has been really appreciated.

    Chiara Varini,
    Senior Procurement Responsible Direct Procurement Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals Italy S.p.A.

  • SmartChem is our master source for data searches. We have benefitted from evaluating different business scenarios with it.

    We also get end use information of our products. This helps us develop new customers. It enhances our sales revenue. In a few cases we have got the information on chemistry and selected the best route for our manufacturing processes.

    Amit Mishra,
    Assistant Manager-Project Management, Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd.

  • Works well for our purposes.

    Most of the time I get what we are looking for - works well for our purposes.

    Vesa Harjunpaa,
    Chief Commercial Officer, VIAKEM

  • Easy to use platform.

    Easy to use platform that contains valuable information and has a quick response.

    Dr. Tim Dambacher
    Senior Market Intelligence Manager-Chemical Division, Lonza

  • From the first day we owned it, SmartChem database became important tool in my daily practice.

    We found it very helpful for our portfolio management, products selection, alternative synthetic routes exploring, suppliers evaluation, etc. Simplicity and faithfulness of the web-based version makes the usage simple and very accessible. I wish ROW2 team to continue database development and expansion.

    Alex Weisman PhD,
    CSO, Perrigo API Ltd, A subsidiary of Perrigo LLC

7 Clear Ways You Can Profit With SmartChem

Professionals in Pharmaceutical, Agrochemicals and Chemicals around the world, profit from the SmartChem Knowledge Base.

Locate new sources

and expand your set of vendors for chemicals

Strike better deals

with cost effective and credible global suppliers

Gain a clear understanding

of the world wide market supplying raw materials and intermediates

Identify new applications

for a given product across various industries

Find new customers

and markets for expansion

Identify cross selling opportunities

with existing customers

Explore and evaluate

new product opportunities

One Chemical Knowledge-Base. Serves 3 Hungry Users.

Satisfies Sourcing, R&D and BDL in your company.

SmartChem gives you a wealth of decision-focused chemical information for all the relevant functions in your company, Sourcing, R&D,  and Business Development - and does so in a way that saves time and resources for your company.

All these functions, within a single company, work with each other to drive business. Therefore, you just need a single subscription to one scientifically-powered knowledge-base for all functions. Agree?

SmartChem also leverages ROW2's highly interactive and dedicated After Sales Service. This means that you get all the help you need with specific products, companies and chemicals.

ROW2's experienced chemical scientists are continuously at work to make SmartChem even more powerful for your business.